Entered into force January 16, 2017.

In accordance with Article XV of the Agreement, paragraph (d) of which states: “An amendment which has been approved by the Assembly of Parties shall enter into force . . . after the Depositary has received notice of approval, acceptance or ratification of the amendment from two-thirds of the States which were Parties as of the date upon which the amendment was approved by the Assembly of Parties.”[99 States which were Parties to the ITSO Agreement on March 23, 2007]

Paragraph (e) of Article XV states: “The Depositary shall notify all the Parties as soon as it has received the acceptances, approvals or ratifications required by paragraph (d) of [Article XV] for the entry into force of an amendment. Ninety days after the date of issue of this notification, the amendment shall enter into force for all Parties, including those that have not yet accepted, approved, or ratified it and have not withdrawn from ITSO.”

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