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The United States is pleased to announce Honolulu, Palm Springs, Detroit, and Seattle as sites for the first clusters of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Senior Officials’ and Ministerial meetings during the U.S. host year in 2023.  The site of the November 2023 APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting will be announced later this year.  This will be the first time the United States has hosted APEC since 2011.

Spanning both sides of the Pacific, the 21 APEC member economies account for approximately 47 percent of global trade, and the region is the destination for more than 62 percent of U.S. goods exports.  Through engagement in APEC, the United States helps American companies do business and supports economic prosperity for our workers and our people; expands women’s participation in the economy and our broader economic inclusion goals; supports U.S. innovation and the digital economy; and promotes healthy, resilient, and sustainable economies, including by helping the region’s economies recover from the pandemic and supporting action to address the climate crisis.

Honolulu, Hawaiʻi – Informal Senior Officials’ Meeting (December 2022)

As a majority-minority state, Hawaiʻi provides a unique opportunity to highlight the significant benefits of economic inclusion in the United States.  An island archipelago threatened by rising sea levels and ocean acidification, Hawaiʻi is at the forefront of tackling the climate crisis.  Hawaiʻi’s top five foreign trading partners are all APEC economies.  During the 2011 U.S. Host Year, Honolulu hosted the APEC Leaders’ Meeting.  Holding the inaugural meeting of the U.S. 2023 host year in Hawaiʻi will underscore the United States’ enduring commitment to economic engagement throughout the region.

Palm Springs, California – First Senior Officials’ Meeting and Related Meetings (February 2023)

As host of the year’s first Senior Officials’ Meeting, Palm Springs–with strong historical Native American presence and whose thriving businesses continue to influence the region and economy–will provide the United States an opportunity to strengthen APEC’s engagement on economic inclusion and environmental sustainability at the outset of our host year.  The Palm Springs area has hosted previous meetings with Indo-Pacific delegations, including the 2016 U.S.-Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Special Leaders’ Summit at Sunnylands, the first ever to be held in the United States.  Located in the dramatic Southwest desert of the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs also has strong ties to APEC’s Latin American economies.     

Detroit, Michigan – Second Senior Officials’ Meeting, Ministers Responsible for Trade Meeting, and Related Meetings (May 2023)

Detroit will be a tremendous backdrop in which to underscore the United States’ economic revitalization, transformation, and resilience.  This second cluster of Senior Officials’ Meetings also will include the annual Ministers Responsible for Trade (MRT) meeting and other to-be-announced Ministerial-level engagements.  More broadly, Detroit showcases our substantial cross-border trade with Canada, worker-centric trade policies, and advanced manufacturing base, making it a perfect venue to highlight economic inclusion and innovative growth.  Detroit recently hosted the World Economic Forum’s Urban Transformation Summit.

Seattle, Washington – Third Senior Officials’ Meeting, Women and the Economy Forum, and Related Meetings (August 2023)

The Seattle metropolitan area is a major exporter of manufactured goods, agricultural products, and advanced technologies and services to the Asia-Pacific region.  In 1993, the United States hosted the first APEC Leaders’ Meeting on Blake Island in Puget Sound, off the coast of Seattle.  The city is home to top U.S. firms in key services and manufacturing sectors, as well as the National Center for APEC (NCAPEC), which is dedicated to advancing private sector priorities in APEC.  This third Senior Officials’ Meeting also will include the Women and the Economy Forum and a series of to-be-announced Ministerial-level engagements. 

TBA – APEC Economic Leaders’ Week (November, 2023)

The White House will announce the APEC Economic Leaders’ Week host later this year.

Each of the host cities for APEC meetings in 2023 will provide inspiring and energetic settings in support of the U.S. APEC host year theme of “Creating a Resilient and Sustainable Future for All.”

For further information, please contact the U.S. APEC Team at 

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