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Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Barbara A. Leaf will travel to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman from October 11 to October 24, to meet with a range of senior government officials, as well as non-governmental and civil society representatives.

In Egypt from October 11-14, she will discuss a range of bilateral issues, as well as our shared interests in de-escalation and maintaining regional stability.

In the United Arab Emirates from October 15-17, she will discuss our collective efforts to confront regional security challenges, including the urgent need to secure a new expanded truce agreement and broader political settlement in Yemen.

In Kuwait from October 18-19, she will raise regional developments, bilateral security cooperation, and other key issues.

In Qatar from October 19-20, she will discuss economic, security and political cooperation with the Qatari government and Qatar’s support for Afghan relocations.

In Oman from October 21-24, she will discuss Iran, Yemen, and other issues of mutual interest, and thank Oman for the important role it plays in these and other regional matters.

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