Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs Manisha Singh is on travel to Florida, July 19–22, to attend OneWeb Satellites’ Facility Grand Opening and participate in events commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

On July 22, the Assistant Secretary will go to Meritt Island and deliver remarks at the OneWeb Satellites Grand Opening.  OneWeb Satellites is the world’s first-ever, high-volume satellite manufacturing facility.  Located in Exploration Park, near the Kennedy Space Center, the facility is expected to directly generate 250 new high-tech jobs and support 3,000 more jobs indirectly.  At the event, Assistant Secretary Singh will speak about the State Department’s role in the commercial use of space and space traffic management.  She will highlight the celebration as an important milestone in innovation, U.S. manufacturing, job creation, and investment.

As a member of the National Space Council, the State Department is working across the U.S. government and with the private sector to explore the future of international space commerce and how commercial and international partnerships will develop and define the space economy.  The goal is to encourage a business environment that supports rapid innovation and expansion of the commercial space economy by removing regulatory barriers that might hinder enterprises from expanding into international markets.  Toward this end, the State Department, together with the Commerce Department, co-hosted the first Space Enterprise Summit in Washington, D.C. on June 26–27, 2019.

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