B-Mex, LLC and other companies and individuals filed a claim against the Government of Mexico relating to claimants’ investments in the gaming industry. The claimant alleges that a variety of Mexican measures violate Article 1102 (National Treatment), Article 1103 (Most Favored Nation), Article 1105 (Minimum Standard of Treatment) and Article 1110 (Expropriation).

For further information and documents concerning this claim, visit the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes site .

11/22/21  Fourth U.S. Article 1128 Submission [505 KB] (Accessible Version [2 MB])
  Factum of the United States of America
12/21/18  Third U.S. 1128 submission
08/17/18  Second U.S. 1128 Submission
02/28/18  U.S. 1128 Submission B-Mex, LLC and others v. Government of Mexico

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