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On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I send my warm wishes to the people of the Kingdom of Belgium as you observe your National Day.

The United States and Belgium have a long and proud history of cooperation, and our close alliance is based on a shared commitment to democracy and human rights.  We fought side by side in two world wars to defend our shared values.  As founding members of NATO, we established the cornerstone of peace, prosperity, and stability the Transatlantic community has enjoyed since then.

The people of the United States mourn with you after the devastating loss of life and destruction from the recent floods.  We trust that Belgium will rebuild and persevere as it has done in the past.  Such perseverance has been evident as we face a global pandemic and continue to stand together.  The fruits of our scientific cooperation have benefited the world.  We are committed to using that same ingenuity in new avenues of partnership, such as working together to combat the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing green infrastructure.

I look forward to creating a more secure and prosperous future for our citizens in the coming year.  Best wishes to the people of Belgium on the occasion of your National Day.

U.S. Department of State

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