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  • Russo, Bill Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of Global Public Affairs
  • Saba, G. Kevin Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Private Sector Exchange Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
  • Karen Sasahara
    Sasahara, Karen Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Africa Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs
  • Schlaefer, David A. Acting Deputy Special Envoy The Global Coalition To Defeat ISIS
  • Schwier, Allison Acting Science and Technology Adviser Office of the Science and Technology Adviser
  • Scott, Marissa French Language Spokesperson Office of International Media Engagement
  • Seagroves, Cliff Acting Director Office of Foreign Missions
  • Shaw, Marc Deputy Executive Secretary Executive Secretariat
  • Sherman, Greg Deputy Assistant Secretary and Assistant Director High Threat Programs Directorate Bureau of Diplomatic Security
  • Shpitsberg, Anna Deputy Assistant Secretary Bureau of Energy Resources

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