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  • Weiller, Brigid Deputy Director Bureau of Budget and Planning
  • Weinschenk, Andrew J. Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs
  • Welton, Donna A. Senior Advisor for Security Negotiations and Agreements Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
  • Werberg, Samuel Dubai Hub Director and Arabic Language Spokesperson Office of International Media Engagement
  • Wolcott, Jackie Representative and Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Wong, Alex N. Deputy Assistant Secretary for North Korea Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs
  • Wood, Robert U.S. Permanent Representative to the Conference on Disarmament and U.S. Special Representative for Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention (BWC) Issues
  • Woodward, Aleisha Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
  • Yamate, Robert T. Senior Advisor and Care Coordinator, Director General of the Foreign Service
  • Yon, Hugo Deputy Assistant Secretary for Transportation Affairs Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

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