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David McFarland, a career member of the U.S. Senior Foreign Service, is Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs. He started in the position December 1, 2022. Previously, David was Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for UN Security Council Affairs and Director of the Office of UN Political Affairs. He was also a Foreign Affairs Fellow at the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee. David’s other Washington assignments include senior political and economic positions in the Office of Israel and Palestinian Affairs and the Office of the Coordinator for Cuba Affairs. Overseas, David has served as Deputy Chief of Mission and Chargé d’Affaires in Tripoli, Libya, where he was selected as a finalist for the State Department’s James A. Baker Outstanding Deputy Chief of Mission Award. His other assignments included the U.S. Embassies in Baghdad, Cairo, Ankara, and Yerevan, Armenia. Before joining the State Department, David was a congressional staffer and a Peace Corps Volunteer. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and the National War College. His languages are Arabic, Turkish, and Armenian. David is originally from Lytle, Texas.

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