Kent Churchill's term ended on September 8, 2019.

Kent Churchill is the Counterterrorism Bureau’s Acting Deputy Coordinator for Military Coordination and Operations Policy. His duties include responsibility for deploying an interagency team of crisis response experts worldwide on short notice in support of Chiefs of Mission to manage terrorism incidents or threats; State’s participation in counterterrorism related research and development; CT related response and technical policy; and coordination of sensitive activities.

His previous assignment was the Officer Director of the CT Bureau’s Crisis Response, Preparation, and Special Coordination Office. Mr. Churchill previously was the Deputy Office Director in CT’s office of Technical Programs and Operations Policy. Prior to joining Federal service, Mr. Churchill was a contractor supporting CT Bureau planning and conducting interagency counterterrorism training and exercises. Mr. Churchill is a retired Marine Corps Officer with a career as a logistician and manpower management specialist.

Mr. Churchill is a graduate of the University of Colorado and received his MBA from the University of Maryland.

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