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What other countries or partners have joined the Blue Dot Network?

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC) joined the United States in launching the Blue Dot Network concept. Other partners will be announced in due course.

Can any country join?

Blue Dot Network is a multi-stakeholder initiative that brings together governments, the private sector, and civil society to encourage adoption of trusted standards for quality, global infrastructure development in an open and inclusive framework. It does not exclude any country from supporting the Blue Dot Network’s mission of promoting quality, market-driven, and private-sector led investment.

What is the incentive for companies to join the Blue Dot Network?

The Blue Dot Network provides companies confidence a certified project will meet the highest standards. This creates a number of natural incentives for private sector companies to join the initiative.  It will provide private and public financing institutions additional confidence and information when they look to provide funding for development projects.  This will help mitigate financing risks.  It will also help developing nations make decisions about projects that best meet their needs and national interests.  Lastly, it helps place quality at the forefront of value-for-money considerations, thereby improving the attractiveness of bids that can deliver effectively on safeguards and standards, not just those that offer the lowest cost for initial construction.

What are the benefits of the Blue Dot Network for developing countries?

A developing country that agrees to implement BDN standards signifies that the government values high quality infrastructure that benefit local communities. The Blue Dot Network will provide countries with clear project standards. Projects, companies, and governments that meet or uphold the standards can build public confidence in their commitment to good practices.

Function of the Blue Dot Network

Will Blue Dot Network partner countries only work with Blue Dot certified projects?

Blue Dot Network partner countries can work with any projects that meet their needs and national interests. Partner countries have committed to upholding quality infrastructure standards and may prefer Blue Dot certified projects, but sometimes those projects may not meet the needs of the country at that time.

How will projects, companies or countries be Blue Dot certified?

In principle, the Blue Dot Network will review and certify on a project by project basis.

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