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    The Regional Education Officer for this school is Christine Brown.

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Bonn International School (BIS) was created in 1997 from the merger of three well-established schools in Bonn: the Bonn American High School, the British High School Bonn, and the Bonn American Elementary School. BIS offers an English language program for ages 3-19 including Early Learning (EL) for ages 3 to 5 that complements the kindergarten through grade 12 programs. The school year comprises two semesters beginning in mid-August and ending in the last week of June for a total of 180 school days.

Organization: BIS is an independent, self-supporting, nonprofit association, (e.V. eingetragener gemeinnütziger Verein) registered in Germany, governed by a Board of Trustees comprised of 10 members. Of these, seven are elected by parents; one is the parent-elected chair of the parent volunteers; one is elected by staff; and one represents the school leadership (director). BIS works closely with the City of Bonn to serve the English language needs of the international community in the region.

Curriculum: The curriculum throughout the school is based on the philosophy and practice of the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The IB Diploma Program (DP), Middle Years Program (MYP), and Primary Years Program (PYP) are fully authorized by the IB, making BIS one of the few schools worldwide privileged to have this status. In addition to optional external IB examinations, each student who completes the school’s requirements will receive a BIS High School Diploma. Bonn International School offers students the opportunity to sit PSAT and SAT examinations at regular intervals. Instruction in the German language is required of all students. The challenging class work requires daily homework of all students. A wide range of clubs, activities, community service, and outdoor experiences enhances the curriculum. An extensive arts program is offered school-wide. Career and university counseling assist secondary students with planning for the future. Pastoral counseling is available for all students. The school has trained staff to support students with special learning needs. Bonn International School is accredited by the IBO, the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. BIS is a regular member of the Council of International Schools and the Association of German International Schools (AGIS). The school is also certified by DoDDS and authorized as an IB World School.

Faculty: In the 2022-2023 school year, BIS has 156 total staff including 103 teachers, 23 of whom are U.S. citizens, 28 host-country nationals, and 52 third-country nationals from 29 different countries. All teaching faculty must have a teaching degree/be a certified teacher.

Enrollment: At the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year enrollment was 787 students, with 123 students coming from the United States, 170 students from Germany, and 494 third-country nationals. The student-body represent 76 nationalities.

Facilities: Situated on a beautiful campus on the banks of the Rhine River, the school has state-of-the-art facilities for up to 800 students. The campus includes a well-equipped media center, a design and technology center with laboratory and workshop, five science laboratories, art and music rooms, performance spaces, a large sports hall for primary students, a double gymnasium for secondary students, spacious and safe playgrounds, and external sports facilities. The school is equipped with two large computer laboratories, three mobile laptop carts, a 1:1 iPad program for grades 4-7, a BYOD in grades 8-12, and 10 iPads per classroom in the lower primary school. All classrooms are equipped with either smart boards or interactive Apple TV devices. In addition, the school offers learning support facilities, counseling services, and university advisory services. The school offers an on-site catering service from 08.00 am to 17.00 pm provided by a local company. The school does not provide transportation, however public transport is excellent.

Finances: In the 2022-2023 school year, annual tuition rates can be found here:

Special Needs: Download the Special Needs Profile (2023 Special Needs Profile- Germany, Bonn) for this school to learn more about their capability to support students with exceptionalities.

This Fact Sheet is intended to provide general information. Prospective users of the schools may wish to inquire further of A/OPR/OS or contact the school directly for more specific and up-to-the-minute information. Information and statistics are current as of September 2022 and provided by the school.


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