OBO’s mission is to provide the most effective facilities for United States diplomacy abroad.

Curious about OBO’s process for design and construction and how to work with OBO?  Interested in hearing more about the competitive opportunities that exist with partnering with OBO? There are a few ways to partner with OBO that include Firm Introduction Sessions – introducing your firm to OBO leadership and competitive opportunities – exploring various contract options available. Below are a few ways to learn more about OBO, we look forward to hearing from you!

See the 2023 OBO Virtual Industry Day for the most recent information on the program and contract opportunities. 

Introducing Your Firm

OBO now has a recorded Bureau Introduction Video that breaks down how projects are built, from real estate planning and acquisitions through commissioning and ongoing facilities maintenance.  OBO leadership offers insight into the way teams are formed and how we work with our partners to deliver safe, secure, and resilient facilities for over 100,000 diplomatic staff around the world.

Along with the Bureau Introduction video, OBO holds sessions throughout the year to delve further into aligning OBO with partners that help make the program succeed. These partners include industry areas in real estate, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction, and facilities maintenance industries. For further steps on working with OBO, please see below:

  1. Watch our Bureau Introduction Video
  2. Click here to submit a request for scheduling a Firm Introduction.   Complete this form expressing your interest to share about your firm’s experience, product and/or capabilities, and to request to attend one of our Firm Introduction sessions.
  3. After receiving an email from OBO External Affairs, your firm may be invited to attend one of our upcoming group Introduction Sessions with OBO Subject Matter Experts. In this session, your firm will have a chance to discuss how your capabilities align with the Bureau’s needs, presenting your experience and capabilities, followed by Q&A.

Competitive Opportunities

Below are a few ways to seek out competitive opportunities to work with the Bureau:

IDIQ Opportunities
Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) worldwide design services provide the U.S. government with A/E comprehensive services for both new construction and modernization projects at U.S. diplomatic facilities worldwide. See the current list of IDIQs here.

A/E Design and Construction Opportunities
The Department of State announces Architecture/Engineering (A/E) Design and Construction opportunities on sam.gov  — visit SAM for contract opportunities

OBO 6-Year Major Projects Plan
OBO continues to develop a long-range plan in Major Projects – Capital Security Construction and Maintenance/Major Rehab Outlook. The OBO Six-Year Capital Construction and Maintenance Outlook is available here.

Small Businesses
Small businesses interested in working with the Department of State can find more information about the Department’s acquisition process and contract opportunities here or by sending an email to smallbusiness@state.gov.

Rapid Engineering & Construction (REC)
REC uses an acquisition strategy that takes advantage of 8(a) set-aside ceilings while procuring construction and mission support services in order to optimize the government’s responsiveness during critical situations. It provides the flexibility needed to award 8(a) set-aside contract actions exclusively to 8(a) concerns through the use of stand-alone contracts (C Type).  Contact Brent Derrick or Patrick Dermidoff in the Office of Acquisition Management for more information.


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