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Since 1991, Georgia has made impressive progress fighting corruption, developing modern state institutions, and enhancing global security.  The United States remains committed to the people of Georgia and their desire for a strong democracy and Euro-Atlantic future.  INL assistance in Georgia takes a multi-sectoral approach to strengthening Georgia’s capacity to respond to domestic, international, and transnational threats and ensure the independent, transparent, consistent, and professional application of the rule of law.

INL programming supports law enforcement and rule of law reform through practical-skills training, mentoring, and capacity building for law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and corrections officials.

INL Programming

  • Civilian Security and Law Enforcement – deliver democratically-centered police and security services, as well as support corrections and probation system development.
  • Rule of Law – consistently and fairly apply the rule of law; strengthen the ability of the Georgian government to prosecute crime.


INL supports Georgian law enforcement officers to adopt citizen-centered, modern, reliable, and professional practices and maintain adequate skill sets and independence to identify and investigate criminal activity.

INL also works to help Georgia strengthen criminal justice bodies that can adequately investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate criminal cases.  INL assistance promotes accountability, transparency, and public trust in the Georgian criminal justice system.

INL supports Georgia’s Special Penitentiary Service and Probation Agency (SPS) in maintaining correctional institutions that are competent, accountable, and adequately resourced to incarcerate convicted criminals according to international standards and in a manner that protects human rights.


  • In March 2023, INL hosted the 10th Annual Women in Policing Conference in Georgia, which brought together more than 200 women law enforcement officers from across Europe and Asia to share experiences and learn new skills.  INL’s partnership with Georgian law enforcement serves to enhance the skills and professional development of its officers and strengthen its institutions, including by promoting female representation at all levels of law enforcement.
  • With INL support, Georgia’s Special Penitentiary Service and Probation Agency established the Vocational and Educational Training Center for Inmates to develop and expand inmate programming opportunities including education, vocation, and prison industries.  The center opened a shop where inmates can sell their handicrafts, giving them an opportunity to develop new work skills, earn money to pay legal fees and court-ordered restitution, and prepare for release.
  • With INL support, through the Department of Justice, the Georgian Parliament adopted legislation to improve the collection of digital evidence in all types of crimes. With these changes, Georgian law enforcement is now in a better position to more effectively and efficiently investigate crimes and protect individual’s rights, including in domestic violence, stalking, and coercion offenses.
  • INL is sponsoring a year-long cyber forensic certification program training for Georgian law enforcement and members of the prosecution service.
  • With INL support, through the Department of Justice, the Prosecution Service of Georgia developed Cryptocurrency Seizure Guidelines that were adopted in May 2022.  These guidelines allow law enforcement agencies to trace cryptocurrency transactions to the suspect and seize crime-related financial gains.

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