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Ceremonials Division

Ceremonials Division

With an acute attention to detail, the Ceremonials Division plans, executes, and supports a wide range of ceremonial and official functions hosted by the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and other high-ranking U.S. government officials. Events include, but are not limited to, official and state luncheons, ministerials, major international summits, receptions, and swearing-in ceremonies. Each function is curated, keeping in mind both the needs of our honored guests and the ultimate policy objectives. It is through the strategic integration of specially tailored event components and the application of diplomatic etiquette that the division sets the stage for successful diplomacy. Ceremonials Officers plan each event meticulously, creating a minute by minute scenario and considering every detail from invitations and seating to menus, décor, and entertainment. The guest experience is paramount and the environment should communicate mutual respect in an effort to facilitate meaningful dialogue. Through these functions, the Ceremonials Division plays a key role in maintaining the traditions of international protocol to welcome and host foreign guests. Additionally, the Ceremonials Division organizes the participation of the foreign Diplomatic Corps members in special events and official public events such as Joint Sessions of Congress, Presidential inaugurations, state funerals, and other ceremonies. Ceremonials Officers advise on flag etiquette, forms of address, and event logistics and also maintain the Order of Precedence of the United States of America.

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