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Diplomatic Partnerships Division

Diplomatic Partnerships Division

The Diplomatic Partnership Division assists the Chief of Protocol in managing Protocol’s overall liaison with Chiefs of Mission and Heads of Delegations in the United States. The Diplomatic Partnerships Division seeks to foster international goodwill and deepen bilateral and multilateral relationships while providing the Diplomatic Corps with greater insight and understanding of the United States’ people, customs, and institutions. The Diplomatic Partnerships Division furthers national interests and encourages international business investment while advancing the Administration’s foreign policy goals by fostering an environment of mutual understanding and successful diplomacy. The Division pursues these goals through a broad range of programs and events, which build relationships, provide a forum for dialogue, and create opportunities for exchange between Chiefs of Diplomatic Missions and American leaders in a cross-section of fields. These interactions not only constitute core strengths of American international engagement but also contribute significantly to new beginnings based on mutual respect and understanding by sharing our country’s vast array of cultures and communities with the Chiefs of Mission. The Diplomatic Partnerships Division builds bridges between members of the Diplomatic Corps and the American people. The Diplomatic Partnerships Division has several programs including Experience America, State of the Administration, Issue Roundtables, and American Heritage Series. These events work to bring a strategic focus to each program’s objectives.

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