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Bureau of Arms Control, Deterrence, and Stability


Our Mission

The Bureau of Arms Control, Deterrence, and Stability (ADS) is responsible for diplomatic efforts to increase stability, reduce the risk of unintentional escalation, and prevent conflict. ADS leads negotiations on nuclear arms control and represents the United States in a range of multilateral fora addressing WMD challenges. We promote stability and responsible behavior in contested domains like outer space, underseas, and the Arctic and with respect to emerging military technologies, including AI and quantum computing. ADS develops and advances U.S. efforts to strengthen the ban on chemical and biological weapons. We work within existing structures like NATO and the OSCE, as well as with partners across the globe, to find practical solutions to address regional instability, promote responsible military behaviors, and reduce the risk of conflict. ADS leads diplomatic efforts in furtherance of integrated deterrence, reinforced by a pragmatic, stable, and transparent approach to arms control and disarmament. Finally, ADS operates the National and Nuclear Risk Reduction Center, the gold standard in international crisis communication with over 50 partner States around the world.

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