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Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs

Division for International Finance and Development


Investment Relationships, Development Finance, and Monetary Affairs

The International Finance and Development (IFD) division leads the Bureau’s work on development finance, investment, and macroeconomic issues, in cooperation with other U.S. government agencies. We promote prosperity at home and abroad by supporting international standards, private sector development, good governance, and transparency that promote U.S. economic growth and job creation. We support foreign investment in the United States and stable, transparent investment climates overseas that welcome U.S. private sector activity. IFD engages in bilateral, regional, and multilateral settings to promote policies that support U.S. economic and foreign policy interests.

Policy Issues

Development Finance

Leveraging development finance to foster sustainable development, support American jobs, and create export opportunities for U.S. companies.

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Investment Affairs

Creating balanced investment relationships to support U.S. jobs and safeguard our national security.

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Monetary Affairs

Promoting international financial stability and leveling the playing field for U.S. companies and workers by countering corruption in international business and public finances.

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