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On behalf of the United States of America, I am pleased to offer my congratulations to our Canadian neighbors as you celebrate Canada Day on July 1.

I have had the honor of visiting Canada twice since you last marked Canada Day.  Your earnest hospitality reminded me once again of our good fortune to have Canada as a neighbor.  The linkages between the United States and Canada have grown throughout our history, and this trend continues today.  Our commitment to democracy, our integrated economies, and our personal connections across the border make us not only friends and allies, but also family.

The strength and breadth of these connections demonstrate that we are well positioned as neighbors to address the shared challenges of today and tomorrow.  As President Biden said during his visit to Ottawa in March, “The United States chooses to link our future with Canada because we know that we’ll find no better partner … no more reliable ally, no more steady friend.”

I look forward to drawing on our common purpose and continuing our collaboration to secure the best future for the next generation of Americans and Canadians.

Je souhaite une joyeuse Fête du Canada à nos ami.e.s et voisin.e.s du Canada.

I wish all Canadians a happy Canada Day.

U.S. Department of State

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