The Dominican Republic benefits directly from CBSI programs, including:

  • Improving the Dominican’s military and law enforcement’s ability to safeguard citizen security and combat drug trafficking through training, technical assistance and equipment, including leveraging the significant USG investment with the Colombian security forces;
  • Instilling values and developing talent among at-risk youth, making possible their access to educational and vocational programs, and encouraging their positive contribution to society;
  • Technical assistance and training to Dominican law enforcement authorities on police reform; prosecuting crimes more effectively; reducing corruption; increasing transparency; raising awareness about gender violence; combating money laundering and organized crime; and enhancing security at ports of entry;
  • Strengthening the criminal justice system by improving the timeliness and effectiveness of criminal prosecutions and providing dispute resolution services and improved access to justice;
  • Assisting in the development and deployment of a nationwide 911 emergency response system that has dramatically increased provision of emergency services and citizen security, expanding coverage to 75% of the population;
  • Grants and expertise provided to local efforts to combat trafficking in persons.
  • Mentoring, training and advising on maritime maintenance from the Technical Assistance Field Team to improve the operational readiness of their patrol boat fleet, to include equipment and software to ensure maintenance issues are being tracked.
  • Improved maritime domain awareness through the participation in the Cooperative Situational Information Integration Initiative that provides regional air and maritime tracks for operations.
  • Ongoing training and equipment for the maritime service to ensure U.S. provided vessels are maintained.

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