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The Bahamas benefits directly from CBSI programs, including:

  • Purchase and repair of maritime interdiction and patrol assets to increase the capacity of the Royal Bahamian Defence and Police Forces to control its national territory and waters;
  • Training and equipment to reduce cultivation, production, and trafficking of illicit drugs through supporting the counternarcotics operations of Operation Bahamas, Turks and Caicos (OPBAT);
  • Strengthening the professionalism of law enforcement institutions through technical assistance, equipment, and training on information collection capabilities, tactical techniques, and narcotics investigations;
  • Providing training and equipment to Her Majesty’s Prison and the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center to expand participation in drug treatment and rehabilitation programs.
  • Funding the development of a secure communications network for the Royal Bahamas Defense Force.
  • Mentoring, training and advising on maritime maintenance from the Technical Assistance Field Team to improve the operational readiness of their patrol boat fleet, to include equipment and software to ensure maintenance issues are being tracked.
  • Improved maritime domain awareness through the participation in the Cooperative Situational Information Integration Initiative that provides regional air and maritime tracks for operations.
  • Ongoing training and equipment for the maritime service to ensure U.S. provided vessels are maintained.

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