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2016 Digest Chapter 10 
19 – Mobil Cerro Negro amicus brief of the United States 
20 – U.S. statement of interest in Schermerhorn v. Israel 
21 – Mizer letter and statement of interest to county courts regarding service
22 – U.S. statement of interest in Fu Yu Xia
23 – Hmong I v. Lao People’s Democratic Republic U.S. statement of interest
24 – Statement of interest in Calderon-Cardona v. Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas
25 – November 2016 filing in Calderon-Cardona
26 – U.S. statement of interest in Baker v. National Bank of Egypt
27 – U.S. statement of interest in Chabad
28 – Supplemental statement of interest in Chabad
29 – Suggestion of Immunity in Dog-an et al. v. Barak
30 – U.S. brief on appeal in Ben-Haim v. Edri
31 – Suggestion of immunity in Burma Task Force v. Thein Sein
32 – Statement of interest in He Nam You
33 – U.S. amicus brief in the Court of Appeals in Zuza
34 – Koumoin v. Ban Ki-Moon statement of interest
35 – Koumoin v. Ban Ki-Moon opinion

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