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2018 Digest: Chapter 10: [576 KB]

  1. Supplemental U.S. Brief in Helmerich & Payne v. Venezuela [187 KB]
  2. Initial U.S. Brief on remand in Helmerich & Payne v. Venezuela [235 KB]
  3. Amicus brief in D.C. Circuit in Simon v. Hungary [121 KB]
  4. Amicus brief in D.C. Circuit in Philipp v. Germany [236 KB]
  5. Amicus brief in Seventh Circuit in Scalin v. SNCF [same as #11 under Chapter 5, above] [2 MB]
  6. U.S. statement of interest in Fontaine v. Chile [592 KB]
  7. Suggestion of immunity for Kabila [344 KB]
  8. Note regarding Entry into Force of Agreement regarding Consular Privileges and Immunities with Portugal [131 KB]
  9. Agreement U.S.-Portugal Consular Privileges and Immunities [711 KB]
  10. Amicus brief in Second Circuit in Laventure [246 KB]

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