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2016 Digest Chapter 7 
16. U.S. briefs and letters filed with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (“IACHR”) in 2016 
16 a. Rogovich, Pet’n No. P-1663-13, U.S. Response to Petition, Feb. 12, 2016 
16. b. Walker, Pet’n No. P-1515-11, U.S. Response to Petition, Mar. 16, 2016 
16. c. Undocumented Workers, Case No. 12.834, U.S. Response to Report on Merits, Mar. 18, 2016
16. d. Kitchen, Pet’n No. P-1900-11, U.S. Response to Petition, Mar. 23, 2016
16. e. Al-Alwi, Pet’n No. P-98-15, U.S. Response to Inquiry of February 17, 2016, Mar. 29, 2016
16. f. Maldonado Pet’n No. P-1762-11, U.S. Request to Withdraw Precautionary Measures Request, Mar. 30, 2016
16. g. Resil et al., Pet’n No. MC-5-11, U.S. Response to January 29, 2014 “Merits Petition” and March 2, 2016 Precautionary Measures Request, Apr. 1, 2016
16. h. El-Masri, Pet’n No. P-419-08, 13.027, U.S. Response to Petition, Apr. 8, 2016
16. i. Britel et al., Pet’n No. P-1638-11, U.S. Response to Petition, May 4, 2016
16. j. Fisher, Pet’n No. P-312-13, U.S. Response to Petition, June 1, 2016
16. k. Morin, Pet’n No. P-178-13, U.S. Response to Petition, June 1, 2016
16. l. D.S., Pet’n No. P-439-16, U.S. Response to Precautionary Measures Resolution, June 29, 2016
16. m. E.G.S. & A.E.S.G., Pet’n No. P-871-16, U.S. Response to Precautionary Measures Resolution, June 29, 2016
16. n. Elliott et al., Pet’n No. 12.466 et al., U.S. Further Request to Archive or Close Certain Matters and Cases, July 22, 2016
16. o. Rahman et al., Pet’n No. P-417-12, U.S. Response to Petition, Aug. 4, 2016
16. p. Abu-Jamal, Pet’n No. P-611-12, U.S. Response to Petition, Aug. 25, 2016
16. q. Herrera Vega, Pet’n No. P-163-06, U.S. Acknowledgment of Effective Abeyance of Proceedings, Aug. 30, 2016
16. r. Inmates of the Administrative Maximum United States Prison, Pet’n No. P-387-09, U.S. Response to Petition, Sept. 7, 2016
16. s. Bannister et al., Pet’n No. 11.817 et al., U.S. Inquiry Regarding Current Status, Sept. 28, 2016
16. t. Lepley, Pet’n No. P-1093-11, U.S. Response to Petition, Oct. 19, 2016
16. u. Frazier, Pet’n No. P-422-12, U.S. Response to Petition, Nov. 8, 2016
16. v. Salas et al., Pet’n No. 10.573, U.S. Observations on Letter Announcing Time Allocation and Other Procedural Issues, Dec. 5, 2016
16. w. Ameziane, Pet’n No. 12.865, U.S. Further Response of the United States, Dec. 23, 2016

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