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2019 Digest: Chapter 7: [1 MB]

  1. US comments on draft ILC articles on crimes against humanity [7 MB]
  2. U.S. briefs and letters at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights
    1. P-561-12-Robinson U.S. Further Observations [849 KB]
    2. P-1010-15: José Trinidad Loza Ventura Further Observations [331 KB]
    3. P-1561-13: Rivera and others U.S. Response [492 KB]
    4. P-1939-13: Mirmedhi U.S. Response [2 MB]
    5. P-654-11: Eastern Diné U.S. Response [478 KB]
    6. P-1075-06: Schneider U.S. Further Observations [226 KB]
    7. P-1586-13: Churchill Petition Response [410 KB]
    8. P-106-14: Amber Anderson et al. U.S. Response [466 KB]
    9. P-191/14: Mathurin et al. U.S. Response [404 KB]
    10. U.S. Observations on Colombia request for advisory opinion [837 KB]
    11. P-1663-13- Rogovich U.S. Further Observations [279 KB]
    12. P-468-08 Rodriguez Barron U.S. Response [11 MB]
    13. P-428-13 Gonzalez Response [4 MB]
    14. P-259-12 McCreary U.S. Admissibility Response [952 KB]
    15. P-162-18 Ibarra Rubi Response to PMs and Admissibility [1,007 KB]
    16. P-1285-11 Kadamovas U.S. Merits Response [269 KB]
    17. Case No. 12.865 Ameziane Merits Report Response [151 KB]
    18. P-611-12 Abu-Jamal U.S. Response to Add’l Info [466 KB]
    19. P-1407-13 Jamali U.S. Response [297 KB]
    20. P-937-15 Farley U.S. Admissibility Response [2 MB]
    21. P-357-19 Ochoa Petition Response [365 KB]
    22. P-1994-15 Nixon Facility US Response [341 KB]
    23. P-184-08 Lund U.S. Further Observations [135 KB]
    24. P-1134-14 Handrahan U.S. Response [1 MB]
    25. P-627-17 Mitchell US Merits Response [386 KB]
    26. Asylum seekers from Nicaragua RFI U.S. Response [2 MB]
    27. RFI Migrant Children Abuse U.S. Response [219 KB]
    28. Bol Pauu Migrant Children U.S. Response re PM RFI [635 KB]
    29. Tammy Jackson Signed Coverletter [138 KB]


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