02/09/24:  Notice: New “Notification of Change” Function within eGov

06/21/23:  Diplomatic Note No. 23-1170:  Interventions Beyond the Reasonable Provision of Consular Services

04/18/23:  Notice: I-566 Update Change of Status

03/21/23:  Notice: New Requirements for Notifications of Appointment (NOA) and Notification of Change (NOC)

06/13/22:  Notice: X Gender Marker Available in eGov

03/16/22:  Notice: New Requirements for Submitting Notifications of Appointment (NOA) and Notification of Change (NOC) Late Arrival

08/02/21:  Diplomatic Note 21-1264: Accreditation Policy Handbook

08/02/21:  Diplomatic Note 21-1262: Changes to Department’s Accreditation Policy – Duration of Accreditation

08/13/19:  Diplomatic Note 29-B OAS: OFM Service Fees

08/09/19:  Diplomatic Note 19-1093: OFM Service Fees

02/11/19:  Diplomatic Note 19-206: Return of ID Cards, Tax Cards, Driver’s Licenses and License Plates upon Termination

08/01/18:  USUN Diplomatic Note HC-64-18: Citizenship Acquisition Letter

08/01/18:  USOAS Diplomatic Note 44-B: Citizenship Acquisition Letters (Permanent Missions)

08/01/18:  USOAS Diplomatic Note 43-B: Citizenship Acquisition Letters (OAS Personnel)

07/19/18:  Diplomatic Note 18-1137: Citizenship Acquisition Letters

07/06/18:  Diplomatic Note 18-1029: New Policy – Visa and Accreditation Eligibility for Same Sex Partners of Principal Foreign Mission Members

12/07/16:  Diplomatic Note 16-1953: Immediate Family Member Visa Regulation Changes

12/07/16:  Diplomatic Note 16-1940: Service Passports

10/21/16:  Diplomatic Note 16-1669: Eyeglass Policy for Visa Application

07/12/16:  Diplomatic Note 16-1089: ID Cards for Consular Spouses

06/06/16:  USUN Diplomatic Note HC-57-16: Application Requirements for G-1, G-2, or G-3 Visas

06/22/16:  USOAS Diplomatic Note 26-B: Application Requirements for G-4 Visas

06/22/16:  USOAS Diplomatic Note 27-B: Application Requirements for G-1, G-2, or G-3 Visas

06/07/16:  Diplomatic Note 16-886: Application Requirements for G-4 Visas

06/03/16:  Diplomatic Note 16-855: Application Requirements for A-1 and A-2 Visas

01/09/15:  Diplomatic Note: Accreditation Guidelines for International Organization (IO) Personnel

04/09/14:  Diplomatic Note: Change in Passport Endorsement

07/28/05:  Diplomatic Note 05-174: Notification of Head of a Consular Post

11/01/91:  Diplomatic Note: Clarification of the “Permanently Resident In” Program

04/10/91:  Diplomatic Note: Persons Considered to be “Permanently Resident In” the U.S.

U.S. Department of State

The Lessons of 1989: Freedom and Our Future