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01/13/23:  Notice: Updated USCIS Application for Employment Authorization Form I-765

04/04/22:  Notice: Dependent Employment Authorization – Updated Information

03/16/22:  Diplomatic Note 22-506: Dependent Employment Authorization – Updated Information

03/16/22:  Notice: Department Work Authorizations – Form I-566 Updated

03/15/22:  Dependent Work Authorization Applications – Guide for Missions

08/31/21:  Notice: Dependent Work Authorization Requests – Update

02/24/21:  Notice: Dependent Work Authorization Requests

05/07/20:  Notice: New Requirement for Tax Documents to Support Requests for Employment Authorization Documents

02/04/20:  Notice: Dependent Work Authorization Cover Letter

01/24/20:  Notice:  Dependent Work Authorization – Use of White-Out or Correction Tape

08/26/19:  Notice: Dependent Work Authorization USCIS I-566

12/03/14:  Diplomatic Note 14-2069: Social Security Number and Denial Letter Policies and Procedures

03/23/12:  Notice: Income Tax Requirements for Eligible Dependent Family Members Authorized to Work in the US

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