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On October 11, ENR’s Power Sector Program (PSP) partner Deloitte met with electric utility Sabah Electricity (SESB) to begin technical support for planned solar + storage procurements to replace oil generation on Sabah.  SESB seeks to identify optimal configurations of solar PV and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) to reduce the need for additional fossil fuel generation and to address ongoing power shortages across Sabah.   SESB is considering procuring 100 MW of BESS in 2024, followed by another 100 MW in 2025, and PSP will help SESB consider technically viable options by assessing Sabah’s grid, power system stability, and economically modelling various configurations to identify the best value solutions to SESB.  This work supports Malaysia’s goal of having renewable energy supply 70 percent of electricity generation by 2050.  



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