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Clean EDGE Asia –Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy

What is EDGE?

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Clean EDGE Asia harnesses the expertise and resources of the U.S. Government, private sector, international financial institutions, and like-minded governments to support and accelerate Asia’s clean energy transition.

Clean EDGE Asia builds on the work of Asia EDGE to align government and private sector resources to advance sustainable energy growth in the region.

EDGE includes diplomatic engagement, leveraging high-level visits and forums, and working with our contacts on the ground to promote clean energy.

EDGE is the U.S. government’s overarching initiative for energy in the region and is a cohesive effort that brings together myriad programs for technical assistance and development projects.


In the Indo-Pacific, demand for energy is growing rapidly amid the challenges of relying on aging infrastructure and outdated market mechanisms to deliver power, transportation, and building energy requirements.

U.S. engagement to address these challenges in Asia while reducing greenhouse gas emissions will bolster partners’ energy security and advance sustainable development goals, including clean and affordable energy to address the climate crisis impacting all nations. 

Our efforts on the ground will include all stakeholders, including women and disenfranchised communities who bear a disproportionate burden of the negative effects of climate change, pollution, and energy insecurity.

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EDGE Strategic Goals

ASEAN energy transformation. (ASEAN)
  • Energy Security to Support Growing Economies: Clean, affordable, and reliable energy supply is critical to the economic growth and political stability of U.S. partners and allies. To meet growing energy demand in the Indo-Pacific while aiming for carbon neutrality.

  • Energy for Sustainable Development: Clean EDGE Asia will support partner governments in realizing sustainable development gains which improve energy access and secure reliable electricity generation. Expanded access to reliable power increases economic prosperity and supports political stability.

  • Decarbonization to Reach a Carbon Neutral Future: Accelerating the clean energy transition is a critical element in limiting global temperature increase to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Broad decarbonization efforts in the Indo-Pacific based on cost-effective alternatives to carbon-intensive fossil fuels are critical to that goal.

Where is EDGE?

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Who are EDGE partners?

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