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Counselor of the Department Derek Chollet will lead an interagency delegation to Sofia, Bucharest, and Brussels from February 7 to 11 to engage with our partners in Europe on a range of issues, and to consult with NATO Allies and the European Union partners on Russian aggression towards Ukraine.  Counselor Chollet’s trip is a continuation of the extensive diplomacy undertaken with our European Allies and partners in support of a united approach to Russia’s unprovoked military build-up along Ukraine’s borders and our joint efforts to encourage Russia to choose diplomacy and de-escalation.

Counselor Chollet will meet with members of Bulgaria’s new government to continue the strategic dialogue talks begun in January 2020 on security, energy, and the rule of law.  In Romania, the Counselor will reaffirm the importance of the U.S.-Romania Strategic Partnership in addressing common threats and challenges, particularly with regard to U.S. troop deployments to help defend European allies in light of Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders.  Following both countries’ recent invitations to begin accession to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, he will offer U.S. support to the governments in their economic reform and anti-corruption efforts.

Counselor Chollet will then travel to Belgium to meet with NATO and European Union officials to discuss recent diplomatic engagements with Russia and joint efforts to deter further Russian aggression against Ukraine, including Allies’ and partners’ readiness to impose massive consequences and severe economic costs on Russia.  Throughout his trip, the Counselor will reaffirm our ironclad commitment to NATO and our Allies and discuss how the United States can continue to support NATO countries, particularly on the eastern flank.

For more information about the trip and the United States’ steadfast support for Ukraine, please visit

U.S. Department of State

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