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The Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) runs a robust counterintelligence program designed to deter, detect, and neutralize the efforts of foreign intelligence services targeting State Department personnel, facilities, and diplomatic missions worldwide.

DSS conducts aggressive counterintelligence inquiries and counterespionage investigations with other U.S. government agencies. All counterespionage investigations are conducted in close coordination with the FBI.

DSS also conducts numerous counterintelligence and security awareness training programs for all U.S. government personnel requesting or having access to sensitive State Department facilities and information. All training programs enhance the understanding of both foreign intelligence and espionage threats and countermeasures, and educate employees on the foreign intelligence environment.

In addition, DSS relies on a cadre of security engineers to deter, detect, and neutralize attempts by foreign intelligence services to technically penetrate our office buildings and residences. These efforts range from detecting a simple listening device in the wall to countering sophisticated electronic eavesdropping devices and systems.

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