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U.S.-Algeria Relations

The U.S. and Algeria established diplomatic relations in 1962 following Algeria’s independence from France. Algeria severed relations with the U.S. in 1967 in the wake of the Arab-Israeli War, but reestablished relations in 1974.

U.S. Assistance to Algeria

U.S. engagement in Algeria has three primary objectives: expanding our security and military partnership, growing economic and commercial links, and building educational and cultural ties between Algerians and Americans.

Bilateral Economic Relations

The U.S. is one of Algeria’s top trading partners, and Algeria is one of the top U.S. trading partners in the Middle East/North African region. Most U.S. direct investment in Algeria has been in the hydrocarbon sector. The two countries have signed a trade and investment framework agreement that provides a platform to address impediments in the economic relationship and identify paths to broader commercial interaction. The U.S. supports Algeria’s desire to diversify its economy, move toward transparent economic policies, and liberalize its investment climate.

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