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U.S. Relationship

U.S.-Netherlands Relations

The U.S. partnership with the Netherlands dates back to the American Revolution, which the Netherlands supported. The U.S. established diplomatic relations with the Netherlands in 1782; one of our oldest, continuous bilateral relationships. The excellent bilateral relations are based on close historical and cultural ties as well as a common dedication to individual freedom and human rights. The U.S. and the Netherlands share similar positions on many important issues and work together both bilaterally and multilaterally in such institutions as the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Bilateral Economic Relations

The U.S. and the Netherlands share a liberal economic outlook and firm commitment to free trade. The Netherlands is a member of the EU and has worked with the U.S. at the World Trade Organization and in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to advance the shared goal of a more open, market-led global economy. The U.S. attaches great value to its strong economic and commercial ties with the Netherlands. With no significant trade or investment barriers, the Netherlands is a receptive market for U.S. exports and an important investment partner. The Netherlands is one of the largest investors in the U.S., supporting an estimated 700,000 jobs, and the eighth largest importer of U.S. goods. The U.S. is the largest foreign investor in the Netherlands and has its largest bilateral trade surplus in the world with this country ($24 billion in 2015). The Netherlands participates in the Visa Waiver Program, which allows nationals of participating countries to travel to the U.S. for certain business or tourism purposes for stays of 90 days or less without obtaining a visa.

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