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Lagoon with turqoise water in Wadi Tiwi in Oman.

U.S. Relationship


U.S.-Oman Relations

The United States and Oman concluded a treaty of friendship and navigation in 1833. It was replaced in 1958 by the Treaty of Amity, Economic Relations, and Consular Rights, and the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1972. In 2009, the United States and Oman signed a Free Trade Agreement (FTA), which has increased trade in both directions, created opportunities
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U.S. Assistance to Oman

U.S. assistance contributes to efforts to counter piracy, narcotics, and wildlife smuggling; enhances law enforcement and investigations techniques; strengthens Oman’s capability to monitor and control its borders; builds counterterrorism capacity; and improves the interoperability of the Omani military with U.S. forces. In FY2021, Oman received $1.8 million in International Military Education and Training (IMET) assistance, and Oman’s IMET budget for
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Bilateral Economic Relations

Since the bilateral FTA came into force in 2009, trade has increased significantly in both directions. Some of the FTA’s most important benefits include duty free treatment of goods and a no-minimum investment requirement for new businesses. Total bilateral U.S.-Oman trade in 2021 was over $3.2 billion. U.S. exports to Oman include vehicles, aircraft and engines, and industrial engines and
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Integrated Country Strategies

The Integrated Country Strategy is the four-year strategy articulating U.S. priorities in a given country. The Chief of Mission leads the strategy.

Investment Climate Statements

The Investment Climate Statements analyze a variety of economies that are or could be markets for U.S. businesses and provide information on the business climates.

Fiscal Transparency Report

The Fiscal Transparency Report analyzes government transparency and identifies needed changes to improve public spending accountability.

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