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The United States Delivers Covid 19 Vaccine Doses To Samoa

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Since May, 2022 the United States has donated 45,630 safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine doses with the people of Samoa. This includes 45,630 Pfizer doses. Of the 45,630 vaccine doses, 100% were donated in partnership with COVAX.

The United States is committed to leading an international and coordinated effort to accelerate access to safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines to meet global needs. The United States is working with other governments and partners including COVAX, Caricom, and the African Vaccine Acquisition Trust (AVAT) to protect communities from COVID-19 and apply lessons from this pandemic to enhance health security now and in the future.

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U.S. Relationship

U.S.-Samoa Relations

The U.S. established diplomatic relations with the Independent State of Samoa (then called Western Samoa) in 1971 following its independence from a New Zealand-administered trusteeship in 1962. U.S. consular relations in the Samoan islands date back to 1856 when the first U.S. Consul was posted in Apia. Currently, the U.S. Ambassador to New Zealand, resident in Wellington, is also accredited
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U.S. Assistance to Samoa

For 50 years, a dynamic and active Peace Corps mission has formed the foundation of U.S. assistance to Samoa. With their focus on people-to-people engagement and practical solutions to developmental challenges, U.S. Peace Corps volunteers have provided significant assistance to Samoa’s educational and economic development and have earned the respect of many throughout Samoa. Today in the Samoan language the
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Bilateral Economic Relations

U.S. goods exports to Samoa totaled $27.9 million in 2016, and the U.S. imported $5.3 million in goods from Samoa in the same year. Including American Samoa, the U.S. is one of Samoa’s largest export markets, accounting for over 25% of Samoan exports. Approximately 10% of Samoa’s imports come from the U.S. Remittances from Samoans living in the U.S.,
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