Sixty-two participants from thirty-one countries, including the United States, met at Wilton Park in the United Kingdom on November 20-22 for the Creating an Environment for Nuclear Disarmament (CEND) Working Group. Participants attended from nuclear-weapons States and non-nuclear-weapons States, as well as some not party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT).

At the meeting, participants continued their open and realistic dialogue on improving the security environment and advancing further progress on nuclear disarmament. Participants began to lay the groundwork for translating this dialogue into action by developing Concept Notes for each of the three CEND subgroups on:

  • Reducing perceived incentives for states to retain, acquire, or increase their holdings of nuclear weapons and increasing incentives to reduce and eliminate nuclear weapons.
  • Mechanisms to bolster nonproliferation efforts and build confidence in and further advance nuclear disarmament.
  • Interim measures to reduce the risks associated with nuclear weapons.

The participants plan to hold the next meeting of the CEND Working Group early next year.

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