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The United States is depositary for over 200 multilateral treaties – including, for example, the Charter of the United Nations, The Statute of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the North Atlantic Treaty. In its depositary capacity, the United States keeps the original treaty texts and facilitates their signature, as appropriate. The depositary also receives instruments relating to the treaties, such as instruments of ratification, and maintains status lists of such actions.

Notice: The Office of Treaty Affairs is moving to digital updates for all depositary communications.  The United States’ circular notes communicating this change are at the following links: Circular note, July 1, 2019 [125 KB] and December 23, 2019 [138 KB]For instructions and information on subscribing to receive digital notifications of new depositary actions, click (RSS feed and email subscription instructions).

Status lists for treaties for which the United States serves as depositary may be found (status lists).

Information on recent actions for treaties for which the United States serves as depositary may be found (recent actions).



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