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OBO’s Christy Foushee will moderate a panel that examines the scale, scope, and risks of modern slavery in the materials supply chain. The panel will feature CEO/Founder at Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince, Principal at SHoP Architects, Christopher Sharples, and Senior Advisor of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Person, Amy O’Neill Richard. Panelists will share tools to help identify and assess these risks and highlight partnerships addressing social equity and forced labor within the built environment industry. These commitments will serve as examples of solution-based thinking while empowering firm leadership and project teams to institute policies that can contribute to rectifying this humanitarian crisis.

Learning Objectives

  1. Define modern-day slavery, and describe the scale and scope of the human rights risks in the building materials supply chain.
  2. Learn how to address the impact on marginalized populations by using tools and resources to incorporate equity and justice into the practice of building slavery-free buildings.
  3. Understand how the specification of materials and the execution of projects can affect global human rights.
  4. Understand through a pilot project how incorporating local labor and materials (with no slave labor used in the manufacturing process) was executed.


Design For Freedom – AIA Submission FINAL

Design for Freedom Toolkit

The Design for Freedom Toolkit provides means and methods for incorporating material transparency and circular value, and for prioritizing ethical selection and procurement on any construction, interiors, or landscape project, as well as in all material libraries. Learn more about the Design for Freedom Toolkit here .

Design for Freedom Full Report

Though slavery is now illegal in every country, it persists in various forms, from human trafficking to forced labor. This report defines aspects of modern slavery and the scope of the problem and presents compelling reasons why we should care about the systemic use of forced labor in the building materials supply chain, including growing legal and reputational risks.


Responsible Sourcing Tool

The Responsible Sourcing Tool provides free information and tools to help companies, federal contractors, contracting professionals, and others understand and prevent the risks of human trafficking in supply chains.

RSTGeneral Sheet_v2

Panelist Contact Information

Sharon Prince
CEO/Founder at Grace Farms Foundation

Christy Foushee
Director of External Affairs at the U.S. Department of State Overseas Building Operations

Amy O’Neill Richards
Senior Advisor of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Person

Christopher Sharples, AIA
Principal at SHoP Architects

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