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The process for obtaining diplomatic parking is initiated by foreign Missions with the delivery of a letter or diplomatic note to the Property Section of the Office of Foreign Missions (OFM) requesting reserved on-street diplomatic parking in front of a chancery or chancery annex. Missions are reminded that reserved parking is not available in front of residences.

OFM will transmit the request to the District of Columbia’s Traffic Services Administration for review. The process takes approximately 180 days which allows the municipal authorities to comply with the legal requirements for public notice and a period for public comment.

If approved, diplomatic parking signs will be installed on the curb in front of or alongside any chancery or chancery annex for a distance not to exceed 60 feet, depending on the frontage of the occupied building. The signs will include the name of the Embassy and normally reserve parking during working hours Monday – Friday.

If a chancery office consists of leased space in a commercial building, the Embassy must forward with its request written permission from the building’s owner or management company providing approval for diplomatic parking to be designated in front of its building.

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