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Al-Qa’ida and its regional affiliates continue to pose a threat to countries around the world. The United States is taking action today to stem the funding of this terrorist group by designating members of a Brazil-based network of al-Qa’ida-affiliated individuals and their companies as Specially Designated Global Terrorists.

The United States is designating Haytham Ahmad Shukri Ahmad Al-Maghrabi, who was one of the initial members of an al-Qa’ida support network in Brazil. Al-Maghrabi had frequent contact and business dealings, to include the purchase of foreign currency, with another al-Qa’ida-affiliated individual based in Brazil. Others being designated are Mohamed Sherif Mohamed Awadd, who had received bank transfers from other al-Qa’ida associates in Brazil and played a significant role in a Brazil-based al-Qa’ida-affiliated group; Ahmad Al-Khatib, who is based in Brazil; as well as Awadd and Al-Khatib’s companies. These designations are being taken pursuant to Executive Order 13224, as amended.

The continued activities of this Brazil-based network demonstrate that al-Qa’ida remains a global terrorist threat. The United States is committed to working with our partners, including Brazil, to disrupt al-Qa’ida’s financial support networks.

For more information on today’s action, please see the Department of the Treasury’s press release .

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