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The United States is today designating Aleksandar Vulin, currently serving as Director of Serbia’s Security Information Agency, for engaging in corrupt and destabilizing activities that undermine the rule of law in the Western Balkans.  Vulin previously served as Minister of Defense and Minister of Interior.  Neither of these Serbian government institutions is the targets of today’s sanctions.

We will continue to hold accountable those who further their political agenda and personal gain at the expense of peace and stability in the Western Balkans and advance Russia’s malign activities in Serbia and the region.  We stand with the people of Serbia as they work to reform their judicial system, root out corruption, and build a prosperous future.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury is designating Vulin pursuant to E.O. 14033, for corrupt activity.  Vulin also has been credibly implicated in transnational organized crime, illegal narcotics operations, and the misuse of public office.  Vulin is reported to have used his political positions to build public support for Russia’s malign activities, while promoting ethno-nationalist narratives that fuel instability in Serbia and the region.  Additionally, he is believed to have maintained a mutually beneficial relationship with Serbian national Slobodan Tesic, a U.S-sanctioned arms dealer.

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