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The Transaction Advisory Fund (TAF) is intended to fund targeted transaction advisory services to developing country governments.  The TAF primarily focuses on legal services for contract negotiation and bid or proposal evaluation.  These services will generally be of limited duration and in support of a specific infrastructure project.  The Steering Committee will prioritize projects already under negotiation or at an intermediate or later stage of the design phase.  All TAF funding decisions are subject to the availability of appropriated funds.

The TAF is a function of the Infrastructure Transaction and Assistance Network (ITAN).


Support through the TAF is limited to public sector (government) agencies in foreign assistance eligible countries in the Indo-Pacific region.  TAF activities must comply with applicable legal authorities and restrictions.

The TAF will prioritize Low-Income and Lower-Middle Income Countries, as defined by the World Bank, as well as governments with clear capacity constraints.

Requesting Support

In order to request support through the TAF, please download and complete the application template [164 KB].  You may either e-mail the completed form directly to or discuss and submit your project through the applicable U.S. Embassy economic section.

Review Process

The Steering Committee of ITAN will conduct an initial review of requests for support on a rolling basis.  Following preliminary approval by the Steering Committee, a representative of the U.S. government will contact you for additional information about your request in order to develop a detailed scope of work and procure the requested services.

The U.S. will not contact applicants whose requests have not received preliminary approval from the Steering Committee.

Additional Infrastructure Resources

The Government of the United States has a range of resources and programs available to assist U.S. companies and foreign governments in meeting their needs for infrastructure design, financing, and construction, as well as operations and maintenance needs.  The International Trade Administration provides an overview of applicable U.S. government resources  throughout the project lifecycle.

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