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Under the previous PEPFAR Strategy for Accelerating HIV/AIDS Epidemic Control (2017-2020), the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) made significant strides toward reducing HIV infections, saving lives, and supporting many countries to achieve or approach HIV/AIDS epidemic control.

With that strategy reaching its conclusion at the end of 2020, PEPFAR is pleased to be partnering across sectors in the development of the next PEPFAR Strategy: Vision 2025.  Building on the critical inputs received from a diversity of stakeholders through a broad-based survey administered in the fall of 2020 and the release of Guiding Principles for the Next Phase of PEPFAR on World AIDS Day 2020, PEPFAR held a series of seven sector-specific virtual listening sessions from August 9-17, 2021, to further inform the development of the next PEPFAR Strategy: Vision 2025.

Nearly 2,000 participants joined these listening sessions – from partner governments, civil society, multilateral institutions, the private sector, private foundations, implementing partners, the PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board, and the U.S. government – which were each opened with an Update Presentation on the PEPFAR Program [10 MB].

Following the listening sessions, PEPFAR offered two opportunities to gather additional written stakeholder feedback through an online portal, to which hundreds responded. Throughout this process, the insights and inputs provided by our many partners have been deeply valued, and they continue to shape and strengthen the Strategy’s ongoing development.

Reflecting many of these inputs, PEPFAR is pleased to release an updated and expanded Version 2.0 of the Draft Overview PEPFAR Strategy: Vision 2025 [258 KB].

The PEPFAR Strategy: Vision 2025 will be greatly informed by and closely coordinated with the Global AIDS Strategy 2021-2026, recently released by UNAIDS and adopted by countries worldwide, and the post-2022 Global Fund Strategy to optimize complementarity, value for money, and impact. The next PEPFAR Strategy will also support the international community’s efforts to put countries on track to reach the Sustainable Development Goal 3 target of ending the global AIDS epidemic as a public health threat by 2030, through the attainment of key milestones by 2025.

Watch video recordings of all the PEPFAR Strategy listening sessions below. Please note: the links below redirect to YouTube. 

Listening Session 1:  Monday, August 9 – Multilaterals, Private Sector, and Private Foundations 

Listening Session 2:  Tuesday, August 10 – Civil Society and Communities 

Listening Session 3:  Wednesday, August 11 – Partner Governments 

Listening Session 4:  Thursday, August 12 – PEPFAR Implementing Partners 

Listening Session 5:  Friday, August 13 – PEPFAR Scientific Advisory Board 

Listening Session 6:  Monday, August 16 – PEPFAR U.S. Government Staff 

Listening Session 7:  Tuesday, August 17 – Civil Society and Communities (2nd)


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