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Individuals are deemed to have retired or separated from service in “good standing” unless, at the time of their separation:

There was a determination made or action initiated to remove, or proposal to remove, the employee from Federal employment;
The employee’s security clearance was revoked, or a proposal to revoke the clearance had been initiated or issued, based on allegiance to a foreign entity;
The employee was the subject of a pending psychological fitness for duty evaluation or had been found not fit for duty based on a psychological determination;
There was an unadjudicated allegation of misconduct against the employee, the investigation of which produced evidence sufficient to support an adverse personnel action (15 or more days suspension or removal);
The employee left the agency following formal allegations of misconduct and/or unsatisfactory performance, or after being advised they would be removed from the agency; and/or
The employee was indefinitely suspended from duty with or without pay.

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