In December 2022, President Biden launched the Digital Transformation with Africa (DTA) initiative to expand digital access and literacy and strengthen digital enabling environments across the continent to invest over $350 million and help mobilize over $450 million in financing for Africa.  DTA is a whole-of-government initiative, and the interagency is working jointly to develop programs in answer to DTA. The Africa Digital Policy Council, co-chaired by the NSC and Commerce, has been established to coordinate interagency work on DTA.

Projects and programming supported by DTA funding will be developed through an interagency working group assigned to each of the three key areas (Digital Economy and Infrastructure, Human Capital Development and Digital Enabling Environment) and approved by the Africa Digital Policy Council.

In support of the aims of DTA, Vice President Harris in April issued a “call to action” to the private sector and the philanthropic community to make direct investments and social impact commitments to advance digital inclusion in Africa.  This work will directly support DTA’s aim to make sure that people across Africa can participate in the global digital economy.  

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