Welcome to Discover Diplomacy, a website that opens the doors to the world of diplomacy and the work of the U.S. Department of State. The U.S. Diplomacy Center, an office in the Bureau of Public Affairs in the U.S. Department of State, has developed this website for you.

The site covers the basics of diplomacy: who does it, where it happens, and what issues diplomacy addresses. You will learn how the work of the Department of State's diplomats touch everyone, every day.

The site is also a resource tool and learning instrument for educators who teach American History, Social Studies, Economics, Geography, International Relations and for individuals planning to visit the Department of State, embassies and consulates throughout the world for briefings and tours.

Many contributed to the design and content of this site, and a sincere thank you to all, especially to Department of State interns who tirelessly researched photos, edited text and carefully reviewed content.

In addition to Discover Diplomacy, the U.S. Diplomacy Center engages the public through conferences, traveling exhibitions and educational programs.

The U.S. Diplomacy Center is developing a museum and education center with state-of-the-art displays that tell the story of American diplomacy and diplomats and interactive educational programs designed to encourage involvement in diplomacy.

Please contact us with questions about the website or about the future museum.