Video Transcript

Video Description

This video consists of single words or short phrases that appear on the screen with graphic images of lines and stylized human figures fading or sliding into view and appearing behind, next to, or following the image of the words. Other graphics are described below. Jazz music plays throughout the video. Each separate word or phrase is on a separate line below. A text-only version of the video is also available.

The video begins with a blue background upon which appears the word: Diplomacy

Blue and white lines move across the screen followed by the words: Is People

Orange lines move horizontally and the vertically across the screen. Three stylized human figures appear in orange, with head and shoulders only. Under the figures appear the words:

  • Talking [represented by a text bubble above the left figure's head]
  • Listening [represented by headphones appearing above the center figure's head]
  • Learning [represented by a book appearing over the right figure's head]

Orange lines move across the screen, the figures disappear, the orange lines merge into an orange background upon which appears the word: In

Orange and white lines move across the screen, the white lines merge into a white background, upon which appears the word: Places

Maroon and white lines moves across the screen. With a white background, three stylized buildings appear in maroon.  Under each building, one of the following words appears: Embassies, Consulates, Missions

The stylized buildings collapse into a maroon sphere.  The sphere then takes on a diamond shape.  In the middle of the shape appear the words: Around the World

The sphere moves into a solid maroon background. Then appears the word: Resolving

White and maroon lines move across the screen to reveal the word: Issues

Green and white lines move across the screen. A white background appears. The lines form two hands shaking.  The hands then lead to two stylized human figures holding hands.  Each figure holds a sign.  The sign held by the figure on the left reads: Of Mutual Concern

The sign the figure on the right holds reads:To Maintain Relations

Figures disappear.  Different color lines appear and move across the screen as the following words are displayed: Diplomacy Affects Every American

White stars appear around the words Every American.  The words disappear.  A stylized American flag is formed as the stars move into the upper left corner, and red strips come across the screen.  The flag moves across the screen.  A solid white background appears.  Blue letters appear to spell out: Every Day 

A calendar of blue and gray boxes appears and on one box is displayed the word: Now

A red circle is drawn around the word. The background changes to solid blue and the following words appear: You can Discover Diplomacy [at]


Diplomacy is people talking, listening, learning in places -- embassies, consulates, missions -- around the world, resolving issues of concern to maintain relations.  Diplomacy affects every American, every day.  Now you can discover diplomacy at http://