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This section applies to DOD Active Duty Military Personnel and their Eligible Family Members. DOD Civilians and retired military members should return to the main page and search under DOD Civilian or their sponsoring agency.

If you are DOD Active Duty Military or an Eligible Family Member you do not need a Department of State Medical Clearance.

DOD Active Duty Military Personnel or their Eligible Family Member must have a valid military medical clearance to be at post. Eligible Family Members must be medically cleared through the Exceptional Family Members Program prior to arrival at their assigned post.

DOD Active Duty Military assigned to a Mission must verify that local ICASS contributions are being paid on their behalf by their sponsor.

DOD Active Duty Military must be registered to the appropriate world region with International SOS/Tricare. Current regions are Eurasia-Africa, Latin America-Canada, and Pacific. They should have contact numbers for ISOS/Tricare for guidance on any medical services obtained outside of the health unit. See TriCare Prime Remote Overseas .

Marine Security Guards and SeaBees assigned to an Embassy are reminded that medical evacuations are authorized through the Department of State Bureau of Medical Services, but medical and hospitalization expenses are authorized by ISOS/TriCare. Contact your Embassy Health Unit for more information.

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