The Overseas Briefing Center provides resources for a return from a U.S. embassy or consulate overseas, including information on some 33 Department of State locations within the United States.  Foreign affairs personnel can contact the OBC for more complete information and assistance.

Temporary Housing

The number one concern for those transitioning home to the Washington, DC area is housing.  In the Washington, DC area, it’s all about location, location, location.  Short-term or temporary housing can ease the transition until something more permanent is found.

Permanent Housing

Bringing Your Pet to the United States from Overseas

FSI Language Training for Eligible Family Members

  • Full Time Training (in-person only) – Please contact FSI’s School of Language Studies at for eligibility information for EFM language training. Note that the registration is handled via the employee’s CDO or Assignment’s Officer.
  • Part Time Training (distance language learning only) – Some online language learning opportunities may be available for Eligible Family Members (EFMs) and other U.S. Government employees. Please contact for more information.

Child Care, Schools and Summer Camps

  • For foreign affairs personnel transitioning to FSI for training, it is important to plan ahead for children’s schooling, child care, and summer activities.  Find more resources here.

Locating Organizations that Support the Foreign Affairs Community

  • These organizations in the Washington, DC area provide program support for foreign affairs employees and family members.

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