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Please note: On December 1, 2022, PEPFAR released its new five-year strategy, Fulfilling America’s Promise to End the HIV/AIDS Pandemic by 2030. 

Since June 2022, we have been working to create PEPFAR’s Five-Year Strategy: Fulfilling America’s Promise to End the HIV/AIDS Pandemic by 2030. We have welcomed input, dialogue, and feedback through various town halls and listening sessions over the past few months, resulting in PEPFAR’s 5×3 Strategic Approach shared back in July during AIDS 2022 in Montreal, which evolved to PEPFAR’s Strategic Direction released during the UN General Assembly in September 2022, that will culminate in PEPFAR’s Strategy that will be launched in December 2022.

Download the Draft PEPFAR Five-Year Strategy Fulfilling America’s Promise to End the HIV/AIDS Pandemic by 2030 [636 KB]

The DRAFT PEPFAR Strategy is open for comment and feedback by all from November 9-15, 2022. Please submit all responses by 5:00 PM EST on Tuesday, November 15.

Please consider the following questions as you provide feedback:

  • What are the top three greatest strengths of the Draft PEPFAR Strategy?
  • What are the top three components of the Draft PEPFAR Strategy you disagree with, and how might they be improved?
  • What concepts/ideas are critical to delivering on our goal of ending HIV/AIDS as a global health threat that are not well represented in the Draft PEPFAR Strategy?
  • Open – any additional comments

The open comment period has ended. We would like to thank all those who submitted their feedback. Your input will help shape and strengthen the Strategy’s final development ahead of its launch in December 2022. 

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